yaydl 1.1.5

As you already might have noticed, yaydl --sound fails from time to time when processing youtube videos, i.e. the resulting file isn't a valid mp3-file, but just raw data. The reason for this error lies within the file format. Earlier versions of yaydl always picked the flv version of a video, whereas newer versions always try to get the higher resolution mp4 files. Unfortunately, mplayer -dumpaudio doesn't work properly with these files. Therefore, yaydl from now on uses ffmpeg -vn -acodec libmp3lame -ab 192k*for non-flv videofiles from youtube. Nevertheless, I still would prefer the usage of mplayer for this purpose, but I didn't get it work... So, if you know how to extract the audio track from a mp4-file with mplayer, just drop me a note.*

Download the tar.gz